Veritas Asset Management

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Preventative Maintenance

Veritas is designed to allow you to understand and prioritize your immediate repairs while planning for a robust preventative maintenance program. Proactively maintaining your roofs, which seems to be common sense, still requires time, effort, and a strategy to ensure you maximize your CapEx investments.

File Repository

The Veritas Platform is a one-stop shop for all of your construction documentation. Design and construction documents, warranties, condition assessments - they all reside in Veritas and can be accessed immediately. Your documents will no longer be subject to misplacement over the years.

Strategic Planning

Getting ready for your annual budgeting with the CFO? Veritas provides all of your out year capital expenditure budgeting to maximize your planning and Return on Investment of your roof. Immediately available, exportable, and easy to use. No more frantic planning and pulling together last minute data.


When designing roofing and waterproofing systems, the average manufacturer warranty is for 20 years - therefore, you want your roof to last 20 years.

Yet, there are numerous organizations that don’t spend the minimal time and money upfront to make sure that their roofs last. Roofs are expensive - you want them to last for as long as your warranty exists. And ideally, you want them to last even longer.

Here, we take a look at what it can cost if you do minimal roof maintenance vs. an ideal amount of maintenance over the course of your building’s lifetime (we assume a 50 year period). We’ve adjusted for inflation over that time period and we look at different maintenance cost scenarios versus the potential financial benefits.


Case Study Graphic 1.png
Case Study Graphic 2.png

For reference, we have provided this roof cost replacement cost that adjusts for a 2% annual rate of inflation over the 50 year period. As you can see, what was an original roof construction cost of $1,000,000 balloons to $2,638,812 in Year 50.